Extended – Ajax Product Search Module


YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search is a very easy-to-use plugin for WooCommerce. You just need to install it and it’s ready to work.

It creates a simple search box that shows you instant search results, by suggesting you products from your WooCommerce store that match your searching criteria.

It is very useful to assist your users while they are trying to search any product in your website. They can just enter a keyword for the WooCommerce product they are looking for and YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search will spare them the nuisance to browse all WooCommerce categories one at a time.

Did you ever forget the name of a WooCommerce product? Just start to write your keyphrase. A list of useful suggestion will be shown to you and the more you write, the more accurate search results will be. At that point, you’ll only need to choose what you need.

It works just like Google Suggest, but this tool will be available on your WooCommerce site and will be using your database.


  • Widget and shortcodes to show your WooCommerce searchform in anywhere you want in your WooCommerce site.
  • Options for customization of your WooCommerce searchform:
    • Customize WooCommerce input label
    • Customise WooCommerce search submit
  • Options for displaying of WooCommerce search results.
    • Set minimum number of characters for WooCommerce search
    • Set maximum number of WooCommerce results

WooCommerce Ajax Search settings

After activating the plugin, you can have access to settings dashboard in “YIT Plugins -> Ajax Search”.

Plugin can be used in three ways:

  • with the WooCommerce Product Search widget
  • with the specific shortcode [yith_woocommerce_ajax_search]
  • by inserting in the template the following php code
     <?php  echo do_shortcode('[yith_woocommerce_ajax_search]'); ?>


In the plugin option settings you can program the following settings:

  • search box label
  • serach button label
  • minimum number of requested characters to launch Ajax Search
  • maximum number of diplayed results in the box