How to Change WordPress admin email without confirmation

When we’re building a new WordPress powered website one of the very first things we do in the setup process is create the first admin user. The email address associated becomes the main admin for the site. You can see this under Settings > General:

This address is used for notifications of WordPress updates and in our case, default Gravity Forms notifications. This is great during development, but what about once the site has gone live and you hand it over to the customer

Updating without going through the confirmation process

We like to set the admin email upon launch to the site owner. Launch day is usually a pretty hectic affair and adding another request to the owner’s list is not always easy or a good idea. So here’s the simple way to do it without having them confirm:

phpMyAdmin to the rescue

Like many things, the WordPress MySQL database is a good place to go for changes. The WordPress admin email can be updated from the database as well. Here’s how:

  1. Log into the database. phpMyAdmin is a good choice.
  2. Locate the wp_options table.
  3. Near the top locate the admin_email option
  4. Edit the option_value field with the new email. This can be done either inline, or by editing depending on your version of phpMyAdmin
  5. Save your work if it wasn’t auto-saved

That’s it!