BB – Change fonts and colors in the Text Editor module

In most Page Builder modules, you can customize fonts and font colors on the Style tab. The Text Editor module is a bit different.

To change font color and style in the Text Editor module:

    1. Open a Text Editor module for editing.
    2. Expand the toolbar by clicking the rightmost part icon.
      There’s a second row of buttons that include the following text settings:

      • Block tags to mark headings, paragraphs, and monospace blocks, such as code examples.
      • Font size
        Note: If the font size you want is among the choices, choose any size, then click the Text tab to switch to the markup editing screen. Find that location and change the font size to what you want.
      • Underline the selected text.
      • Justify: Adjust the spacing in the row in order to justify the text at both the left and right margins.
      • Text color:
        The button has a letter ‘A’ with an underline on it.

Note: You cannot change the font family in the Text Editor module. There are ways to code custom fonts, but for both design and performance reasons we recommend that you stick to one font for headings and one font for text, and specify those defaults in the theme.