Footer Bar

Footer Bar

This is the footer area where you can put copyright information along with widgets, menus etc. You can choose a layout for the small footer bar under Appearance > Customize > Layout > Footer > Footer Bar


provides two layouts for footer bar.

Footer bar layout one
It will stack the two sections of the footer bar.

 Footer bar layout two

It will display both sections in line.


offers two different sections for footer bar. You can choose options for each section form drop down.Footer Menu

You can display menu in the footer with this option.

You would need to create a menu under Appearance > Customize > Menus > Create a new menu and assign it to footer menu

 Custom Text

You can add custom text or HTML code to the footer with this option.

Read more about Custom Text Helper Strings from here.


It will allow you to add a widget to footer sections.

After setting widget for the footer section you can add widget under Appearance > Customize >Widgets > Footer Bar Section 1/ Footer Bar Section 2


This allows you set footer content width either to full width or to content width. You can choose options from drop down. Footer bar background will be set to full width by default just the content width will change.

 Full Width

This will stretch the footer content to both ends according to your screen size.

 Content Width

It will set content of the footer to container width set under Appearance > Customize > Layout > Site Layout > Container Width.


You can set a top border width for footer bar and its color with this options.

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