How To Set An Answer To The Security Question?

How To Set An Answer To The Security Question?

A user can make more secure to his Login, Registration page. Sometimes when a user include a security question in his Login/Registration page then an unauthorized user can login by giving any answer of that particular question, to make more secure a user can save the answer of that particular question,due to only that particular user can login through security question.


Here some easy steps are given follow the steps and set an answer of question:-

  1. Step 1 First click on Users menu of WordPress
  2. Step 2 Now select your profile and click on Edit link and scroll down and go on My Security Questions section at the bottom of the page.
  3. Step 3 Now select the question,here three questions are given you can select one of them.
  4. Step 4 Now give the answer of selected question.
  5. Step 5 And click on Update Profile

Your answer set for that particular question.